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Download Modern Combat 3 HVGA 480x320, Apk Sd + download full data files, multiple languages, inclusive en

Tested devices
Sony ericsson walkman live (WT19a)
Xperia Arc

Compatible devices
Xperia Neo and Neo v
Xperia Mini Pro
Xperia mini
Xperia Play
among others (also works on canvas hd)

For those who are not able to install Modern Combat 3
 on devices that are not  HD.

I downloaded the files, but when I install on my 
Sony Ericsson Walkman Live, appeared a message like this:
  "The device is not compatible with the game, please request a refund"
But the Xperia Arc gets good,

But if Live has the same configuration of Arc (minus the screen resolution), Why do not you? 
Well the game is HD and Live is HVGA, so what I did was change the way that recognizes gameloft 
my phone, I changed my live arc pair.

Let the procedure:

First have to have root access.  
follow this status to the root )
And install the root explorer

Open the root Explorer, navigate to the system folder, click on over 
Mount R / W (this is for you to edit any files in the folder system 
while R / W, the files can only be seen, 
when R / O, files can be edited.)

Tip, copy the file to your sd, if something goes wrong, just recover.
Copy the file and also the file build.prop build.prop.bak

Look for a file called build.prop, hold the top and choose, Open in Text Editor.
There, you will find a screen like this.

Look for the highlighted lines in the image.
You will change them this way, pay attention, you have to look exactly like this:

I changed the WT19a (live walkman) by LT15i (Xperia Arc)
Note that changing four lines, and the third did not put the "i" at the end of the model.

Save the file, then click on R / O, only to be re-reading.
Restart your phone.

Put the date of the game:
Android / Date / Here
Install Apk
Connect to the Internet to check the files.
Have fun.

Download Apk       (3mb)
Data Download    (680mb) installed (1.33 GB) 
Optional Titanium Backup


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