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Shadowgun HVGA (320x480) Sd + Apk files Date

Download Shadowgun Android 
to Tegra phones that are not 
version 1.0.4, greater compatibility  
across multiple devices, including cell phones  
Adreno, Mali-400, PowerVR

The year is 2350, and intergalactic corrupt corporations are the rule of law,  
hiring bounty hunters and mercenaries to do their bidding.  
The best of the best are known as SHADOWGUNS.
SHADOWGUN puts you in the role of John Slade,  
bounty hunter in the galaxy's most infamous.  
Their mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, manic genius  
and leader of his own army of mutants.  
Dr. Simon infiltrate the mountain fortress  
and fight his guards of cyborgs, battle droids,  
and genetically enhanced humanoids.  Using state-of-the-art weapons,  
ships and assistance of  SARA-Slade android  
assistant SHADOWGUN combines intense tactical combat with  
a 3rd person action .

Download Shadowgun Android HVGA (320x480) and HD + Sd Apk files Date

This game does not work with 600MHz processor
Need 800mhz + or Tested Live on Sony Ericsson Walkman (WT19a) Compatible with Mini and Mini Pro Xperia Xperia Arc Xperia Neo and Neo V Play Xperia Xperia X10

Copy the Data folder for
android / data / here
ready, just
install the. apk

Download Date Apk +
password: adreno


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